3 in 1 Sports Challenge
Three people can play at a time with our  3 in 1 sports challenge. The rental includes everything you need to entertain kids and adults. Perfect for Houston carnivals, company parties, fairs, and school events.
Gladiator Joust Arena
Grab your inflatable and safe lances and/or hatchets, and take your position on the rocking pedestal, This is not  ordinary joust, the rocking pedestal challenges competitors balance as they  jousting.
Dual line Jacobs Ladder
Climb the ladder to the top and ring the bell, It sounds easy but that is the only thing that is  easy about this game. If you make the slightest mistake , you are dropped on the inflatable bed.
33 feet obstacle course
Participants start at the tunnel crawl, and get into the jam, crawl over a hurdle, run through tackle dummies to finally reach the 10" climb and slide to the finish
Inflatable tee ball game
Try to hit the ball as it hovers over home plate.  Hit the ball into one of  holes in the back of the inflatable unit.  Holes are marked, single, out, double, triple, & of course home run...
Two players shoot to see who can make the most baskets within whatever period of time you choose. Winners can receive prizes or just shoot as long as they desire. Rental Includes 2 balls. 
Basketball Shoot Out 
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Pitch speed
Test Your Arm Against the Radar!
How do you stack up against the pros? Find out if you've got what it takes to make it to the majors with our Baseball Fastpitch! This unit features a pitching radar and digital screen to display who's got the fastest throwing speed.

  Golf Challenge
This game has a full 13’X18’ backdrop that provides a wonderful scenic view to enhance your special event. Complete with club, Velcro balls and “green,” players will test their ability at hitting the ball to score points. At a minimal price, this game provides the maximum of entertainment.

$ 199+tax just one line 

Defender Dome    Special 
Non-stop action awaits you in the new Defender Dome.  Defend your goal
against the three other players in the fastest moving inflatable game ever
created.  Four players face off against each other on an angled surface with
a goal of their own to defend against the other players from any direction
attempting to score on your goal.
$ 499+tax 

Velcro Wall
This inflatable game is as much fun to watch as it is to participate! Participants put on their colorful Velcro suits, with the single goal of getting as high as they can on the wall and sticking to it! Of course, there’s as many different styles of jumping as there are participants, and it’s always hilarious watching people try to figure out how to get enough air to reach higher than their friends! A runway and super-spring pad provides speed and lift for young and old alike on this huge, high-color crowd-pleasing item. 

Bungee Run
Three contestants wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached. As they run down the runway, the participants try to place velcro markers at the furthest point possible before the cord pulls them back.

This shooter game is great for school carnivals, and church events. We provide shooter ball guns while two players try to hit the balls that are suspended in the air. There are four balls floating in the air while you prepare to hit them out with a gun (for older participants) or with another ball (for the younger crowd). 

The Kraken Slide
Can your guests succeed in assenting the huge Kraken slide and successfully escaping as they wiz through the beasts huge tentacles? We have never had an attraction with so much eye appeal and wonderment! This will be a HUGE wow factor item on your event site! 

Giant Obstacle course
This obstacle course is 95 feet long and features a rock climb,  2 giant slides, over-or-under tubes, and two tunnels.  Great obstacle for all ages!
 This will be a HUGE wow factor item on your event site!